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Wednesday, May 2

Serial keys


Ok so you want to use software (of course ) without spending a penny.

here you go. download the demo version of softwares and enter the serials below.

Here is the serials foe my fav softwares.

user_name(same for all):-  infeKted
power iso(any version)-   NPCMP-8KJMD-UI1HF-INEA7-3GPA7
tune-up(2012):- PTDRXW-Y21F4W-7YVTJB-TN4JMB-XPR2K9-0N10XA
vm-ware(ver 7+):- VA34H-DWWD6-08ELZ-3XQ7X-PAK90
dreamwaever 8:-  wpd800-51537-79832-91728
angry birds:- THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO
brittanica encyclopedia 9:- C9DA1A8AB0066691
AoA audio extractor:- 20B8-7757-5606-6AB7-ED1E-7875-FF6A-7CB7-F222-9A5D

PPP error

For all those newbies who have got ppp error while connecting to internet using modem (com3 or com7) via mobile Bluetooth.

To resolve this follow these steps:

1.  Go to control panel.

2. search for “phone and modem”.

3. select first option and go to modem tab.

4. choose your modem from list and go to “properties” tab.

5. choose “change settings” tab .

6. go to “Advance tab” and choose “Extra initialization command” space and paste the following text without quotes:


replace airtelgprs.com with your suitable APN address.

7. save it.

8. there is no any step no 8. Your are done.



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